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Why it’s essential to know the difference if you’re a creator

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Is there even a difference?

Immersion Reading, Forgetting Curve, and 3 more hacks that helped me learn faster

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Apple has a master plan.

The iPod kept on a white tabletop.
The iPod kept on a white tabletop.
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I don’t think anyone would have cared.

But the angle Apple took was — This product will offer you a thousand songs in your pocket.

Does it align with what you want?

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What’s company culture?

Parkinson’s Law, Bike-shedding and Via-Negativa

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+Should you stick to one place or not?

It is something that can take roughly five to ten years to make your way up the ladder to reach a senior level.

How exactly do you apply a mental model?

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How to mail your first one in the next 10 minutes

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  • Substack has raised over $82 million by 14 investors collectively. Notable investors include Y Combinator and Andreessen Horowitz. …

I’m glad I didn’t miss this

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Everyone can have a different idea of what this (User-Centered Design Process) is.

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest — revisited.

Let’s start with Instagram.

The Instagram login page.


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