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I was in a bad mental space a few months into the lockdown. Everything had shifted online, and I couldn’t just feel connected to people. Everything felt filtered and not transparent.

But recently, I’ve started feeling way happier. It’s not like I’ve gotten used to the whole thing. I made subtle changes, unknowingly, that have helped me feel the joy.


It was in my life even before I knew about the whole concept of it, but it hasn’t been long since I figured out the whole concept of social minimalism.

When it comes to minimalism, we often say things like less are more and keep only things that add value to you. When we apply that to our social life, things can kind of start to feel weird. …

Apple has a master plan.

Apple doesn’t communicate features, they mention benefits for the straightforward reason that this makes people feel something. You would possibly remember once they launched the primary iPod, I would not say it had been anything groundbreaking. If all they had done was to only say — Look we have got a replacement mp3 player. It’s got five gigabytes of storage.

The iPod kept on a white tabletop.
The iPod kept on a white tabletop.
Photo by Ruijia Wang on Unsplash

I don’t think anyone would have cared.

But the angle Apple took was — This product will offer you a thousand songs in your pocket.

Think about that line and once you believe it you’re probably not thinking any more dull boxes and storage capacities. …

Even Medium made one of these long back

Enterprise applications gather & organize a sea of data that runs the organization.

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These applications revolve around Dashboards. They are the gateway to all the data out there. When you dig deeper, you realize that what’s more important than “data” in dashboards is “information.”

This is what makes dashboards valuable. These are six mistakes people make while designing a dashboard for an enterprise.

Getting the Navigational models wrong.

Getting the navigational designs right is tricky.

Not many understand the approach behind it. They use a single menu to contain all the navigation, making the dashboard challenging to use.

Instead, Global navigation can be placed on top, including your Tools, Resources, Profile & Logout. Dashboard Navigation to the left, including your views, types of data, etc., and Breadcrumbs can include deeper-drill-downs within a content flow. …

Why UX?

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I have three perspectives to look at it.

We’re going to look at it as

  1. Why UX as a designer?
  2. Why UX as a business?
  3. And why UX as a dreamer?

Why UX as a designer?

As designers, the essential thing we learn is problem-solving, and UX is its core. Every time we meet a user, every time we speak to a business, we solve problems, we’re talking to them about what works for them?

What doesn’t work for them?

How do they feel?

And that’s something as designers; we have an innate ability to do.

That’s where the empathy of designers can be utilized most. Now, as UX designers, people who are aspiring to be UX designers and are already in the industry, you know there’ll be enough of more customers who come and…

Visual Experience Design.

Sounds very simple, right?

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But why it is essential because I have been observing a lot of other peoples’ interviews for the past two or three weeks. They’ve been asked a lot of questions about visual experience design. Now, I realize that people don’t know what graphic experience designers are and how important it is to create experience design for products.

So, I would like to give some examples here. So, when I talked to some of the candidates, I ask them how do you approach visual experience design?

So, they say that we have a brand guideline.

A huge one indeed.

Venture capital investment, VC money, equity investment.

There are many different ways to say the same thing.

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Should you take it?

Is it a good idea to take VC money?

Let’s start with this point of view.

Why would you not like to take VC money?

Well, there’s a long list of reasons why.

First of all, if you are now being bootstrapping, and there’re no other external investors, you can do whatever the bleep you want to do.

You are in control.

When you take someone else, you are not in control anymore. Even though you give a tiny bit of the company away to the external investor, they usually make you sign a shareholder’s agreement. …

If you are a designer and working with big design teams, if you are a developer, you must be hearing these things every day if you are a project manager or a product manager.

Where can I find the company logo? Why is there inconsistency in icon style? Why are there different styles that have been used for a card?

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Photo by UX Store on Unsplash

Why is it there?

Can we reuse some of the components?

Or how can I use this filter on mobile? And many more.

If you hear this, then you use DLS. That is a Design Language System.

What is Design Language System?

DLS is nothing but a collection of reusable components that is guided by some standards and rules. And on top of that, you can build multiple products within one brand. …

Things are just not the same as they were a few months ago

If you’ve been asleep for the past few months or haven’t turned on the news and seen the headlines, you would know that.

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Now the reason that is, if you all know, there’s a particular sort of virus going around and has led to pretty much worldwide economies shutting down or closing their doors, allowing people to enter and do business with them.

That being said, this includes gyms in the center’s sports facilities any other place where you might be doing any exercise.

What can you do instead of going to the gym to go into a sports facility to work out? Well, of course, you can work out within the confines of your own home; however, is it worth working out? …

My mentor went through 5 careers, over a span of 48 years.

I have always been confused about what job security is. I mean, at a business, you’ll make four times your job in a year but with the risk of it getting irrelevant in the next year while your job might not.

I reached out to my mentor, who’s about the age of my grandfather. He’s been through a lot and has worked in innumerable industries over the years.

This is what I would summarise from the talk that we had.

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Nowadays, there is no such thing as a safe and secure job. There are so many rapid changes happening in the economy. Developments in ai and automation and that the lifespans of people are getting longer and longer. These things combined can lead to a job landscape that will look very different in five ten-fifteen years from now. …

It is high time you give it a thought.

Nowadays, it’s become increasingly common for people to have multiple careers. This means that you either have several careers at the same time or are pursuing different professions at different stages throughout your life. As someone who has been through a career change, I can understand why people want to have multiple careers.

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Why do people want multiple careers?

The most common reasons are because people want to pursue their interests and passions or that they want to apply different skill sets in a professional setting. …



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