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Why it’s essential to know the difference if you’re a creator

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So you’ve been convinced enough to become a creator and have been creating content and thriving to build a business out of it. Building an audience and bringing 1000 true fans to pay you for a lifetime are amazing concepts, but it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

First things first, these points are valid, particularly for creator-influencers and not just influencers. It isn’t for every creator. If you provide value that aims to change your consumer’s life, go ahead.

Is there even a difference?

You most probably know about the concept of 1000 true fans by Kevin Kelly. …

Immersion Reading, Forgetting Curve, and 3 more hacks that helped me learn faster

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Learning is our superpower. By learning and studying the correct information in the right way, we can unlock our incredible potential.

Just as we can learn new skills and ideas, we can also compound or leverage our learning ability by learning more effectively.

Suppose we are going to maximize our potential improvement. In that case, we will need to push ourselves to the limits of our capabilities and employ helpful high leverage life hacks such as Deliberate Practice, the Pomodoro Technique, Modes of Awareness, Immersion Reading, and the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve.

That subtle strain we feel as our minds stretch…

Apple has a master plan.

Apple doesn’t communicate features, they mention benefits for the straightforward reason that this makes people feel something. You would possibly remember once they launched the primary iPod, I would not say it had been anything groundbreaking. If all they had done was to only say — Look we have got a replacement mp3 player. It’s got five gigabytes of storage.

The iPod kept on a white tabletop.
The iPod kept on a white tabletop.
Photo by Ruijia Wang on Unsplash

I don’t think anyone would have cared.

But the angle Apple took was — This product will offer you a thousand songs in your pocket.

Think about that line and once you believe it you’re probably not thinking any more dull boxes and storage capacities. …

6 times when you shouldn't ignore your gut feelings

Is there anything more uncomfortable than having a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach?

Something didn’t feel quite right at the time. This is referred to as “gut instinct.”

Our gut instincts and primal wisdom are frequently linked to our survival instincts and ancient wisdom. But how do you know whether you’re overthinking things or whether that strong feeling you have is correct?

I attempted to start a platform where users could learn any skill from scratch but in local languages. So basically, it was skillshare but in Indian languages.

It was decided that we’ll pay for a…

How do you know which user experience research method to use at what time?

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Let’s have a look at some factors to help us make a decision. First, consider the possibility of watching or asking.

There are two types of research: behavioral research observed by researchers and self-reported by the user, also known as attitudinal research. For example, when your research issue is concerned with what people do, such as determining if something is discoverable, findable, intelligible, or useable, it is most informative to witness this behavior.

As a result, employ a method such as a usability test. If you’re…

And we find this tough to recollect.

“Designers are not users” is a phrase I like to employ.

Apart from the case when designing a product for designers, which is a very unusual exception to the rule.

Typically, we’re designing for either the general public or for a specialized profession or specialized audience that isn’t comprised entirely of design professionals. In that circumstance, there is almost always a significant disparity between anyone who is a member of the design team and the target audience in question.

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They possess varying degrees of technical proficiency, as well as different levels of comprehension and knowledge of computers and the internet…

If you’re a designer, consider reading psychology

When people learn that I have learned psychology, they are often taken aback and ask where the lines between psychology and technology are blurred together.

There is a strong tie between the two areas, to be sure. When designing something, have you ever been taken aback by how people interacted with your interface or responded to the design?

Photo by Bret Kavanaugh on Unsplash

People may fail to notice something that is right in front of them, and you may be astonished that they do not notice it at first glance. …

“Talk about your exes” might not be good advice.

Do you have difficulty navigating the dating world? Do you ever wish you could meet the person of your dreams without having to deal with the hassles of dating?

Well, best of luck with that endeavor.

I’m joking, of course. For those who have experienced our fair share of bad dates, the dating scene can become highly frustrating. So maybe all you need is a little guidance to get things moving in the right direction again. As a resource, we’ve compiled a list of the most important dating advice you’ll ever receive.

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Respect is the first and most important thing…

Gaining and keeping users’ trust and confidence is crucial to achieving and maintaining user retention.

Throughout their journey around your website, visitors are continuously analyzing whether or not they believe what you’re saying, trust what you’re offering, and ultimately whether or not they want to stay or leave the site altogether. While every individual begins their journey with various amounts of skepticism, few crucial traits will either increase or decrease your trustworthiness.

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Let’s take a look at the four components of trustworthiness one by one.

Clean Aesthetics

The first is the level of design excellence. Quality can be seen in many elements…

Does the black belt imply you’ll win every fight?

I recently came across a businessman who’s building on some interesting offline markets.

We had nothing else in common apart from the fact that we’ve been to the same martial arts school in my town. That’s when it clicked, and he asked me not to leave it regardless of what I aspire to do in life.

Photo by Daniil Zanevskiy on Unsplash

“The principles I gained while training in martial arts propelled me from failure in the classroom to become a successful entrepreneur.”

Here are 7 lessons I learned from him.

A black belt does not imply superiority.

However, seeing someone kick ass in the ring, regardless of what belt they are wearing…


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