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Apple has a master plan.

Apple doesn’t communicate features, they mention benefits for the straightforward reason that this makes people feel something. You would possibly remember once they launched the primary iPod, I would not say it had been anything groundbreaking. If all they had done was to only say — Look we have got a replacement mp3 player. It’s got five gigabytes of storage.

The iPod kept on a white tabletop.
Photo by Ruijia Wang on Unsplash

I don’t think anyone would have cared.

But the angle Apple took was — This product will offer you a thousand songs in your pocket.

Think about that line and once you believe it you’re probably not thinking any more dull boxes and storage capacities. …

Even Medium made one of these long back

Enterprise applications gather & organize a sea of data that runs the organization.

Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

These applications revolve around Dashboards. They are the gateway to all the data out there. When you dig deeper, you realize that what’s more important than “data” in dashboards is “information.”

This is what makes dashboards valuable. These are six mistakes people make while designing a dashboard for an enterprise.

Getting the Navigational models wrong.

Getting the navigational designs right is tricky.

Not many understand the approach behind it. They use a single menu to contain all the navigation, making the dashboard challenging to use.

Instead, Global navigation can be placed on…

I’m glad I didn’t miss this

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash. Reference image, not us :P

I’ve been fortunate to discuss this with my senior & mentor at my internship. Here is how it went:

Everyone can have a different idea of what this (User-Centered Design Process) is.

There’s no industry standard, but for me, every business at its core solves the problem. That’s why people come to you for business because you offer the best solution they’re looking for, and as a designer, that’s your job to understand.

You need to understand what the company is working for or the client that approached you. What problem they solve them, and you’ll only ever really know that by talking to the users.


The company might think that the…

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest — revisited.

Social Media Websites are designed to be addictive.

What makes them so?

Let’s look at some practices for UI design with specific examples from the top social media websites.

Let’s start with Instagram.

Now, we have to remember what the goal of these landing pages is. In this case, it’s to get someone to download and use the Instagram app.

The Instagram login page.

This is a straightforward and minimal design and straightforward. On the left, we have a mockup of the app on an iPhone and Android device. What’s interesting about this is, this is a clever way to not exclude anyone depending on the device they…

Been there, done that.

I’ve always been a business enthusiast. Right after graduating from high school, I wanted to start something of my own.

It would be simple — I would make a product (physical/digital), and it would be so good that people would come and buy it from me.

I was learning software development back then, so I could not build a digital product of my own. But I had to start a business anyhow. I found out affiliates.

Now it was a slight change in plan; I was going to sell a product and earn, just that the product would be someone…

+1 extra Algorithm Animator!

I always felt that there was something that I didn’t understand while studying Data Structures, especially Indexing.

After reading many articles on Medium and using Google for the 1000th time, I had a few interesting websites that made my concepts crystal clear.

Here is a list of those 5 websites that helped me by visualizing algorithms!

PS: All these websites are free for their basic features, and I have NOT been paid to mention them here.

Visual ALGO

Visualgo helps you visualize Data Structures and Algorithms through animations. It is the most colorful website on the list.

Screenshot from

This is my personal favorite…

5 Websites +1 Special Resource for Female Designers!

Many of us designers try to find gigs/jobs on Upwork and similar websites, only to find out that they are SATURATED. When I started with Fiverr, I couldn’t find a single gig for 28 days straight.

Not that I found one after that, I just haven’t had a look :P

I knew that I’ll need to find other ways of searching for jobs/gigs and making money online. I found out a few newer platforms that are different from the generic ones and have smaller & closer communities. …

According to one statistic, 80% of software products fail.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Why do these software products fail? There would be numerous reasons — a bad team, not enough sales and marketing, maybe the technology is insufficient, or the execution lacks. But the number one reason why software products fail is a failure to understand customers’ wants and needs and their inability to solve the right problem for the customers.

A case in point is Google+. As we know, Google’s products are superior in technology.

But then why did Google Plus fail?

It was not because it was a late entrant.

It was not because it had inferior technology.

It was not because it did not have the sales and marketing prowess. But it was because they failed…

Why UX?

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

I have three perspectives to look at it.

We’re going to look at it as

  1. Why UX as a designer?
  2. Why UX as a business?
  3. And why UX as a dreamer?

Why UX as a designer?

As designers, the essential thing we learn is problem-solving, and UX is its core. Every time we meet a user, every time we speak to a business, we solve problems, we’re talking to them about what works for them?

What doesn’t work for them?

How do they feel?

And that’s something as designers; we have an innate ability to do.

That’s where the empathy of designers can…

Visual Experience Design.

Sounds very simple, right?

Photo by John Jennings on Unsplash

But why it is essential because I have been observing a lot of other peoples’ interviews for the past two or three weeks. They’ve been asked a lot of questions about visual experience design. Now, I realize that people don’t know what graphic experience designers are and how important it is to create experience design for products.

So, I would like to give some examples here. So, when I talked to some of the candidates, I ask them how do you approach visual experience design?

So, they say that we have a brand…


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