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Why it’s essential to know the difference if you’re a creator

So you’ve been convinced enough to become a creator and have been creating content and thriving to build a business out of it. Building an audience and bringing 1000 true fans to pay you for a lifetime are amazing concepts, but it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

First things first, these points are valid, particularly for creator-influencers and not just influencers. It isn’t for every creator. If you provide value that aims to change your consumer’s life, go ahead.

Is there even a difference?

You most probably know about the concept of 1000 true fans by Kevin Kelly. …

Immersion Reading, Forgetting Curve, and 3 more hacks that helped me learn faster

Learning is our superpower. By learning and studying the correct information in the right way, we can unlock our incredible potential.

Just as we can learn new skills and ideas, we can also compound or leverage our learning ability by learning more effectively.

Suppose we are going to maximize our potential improvement. In that case, we will need to push ourselves to the limits of our capabilities and employ helpful high leverage life hacks such as Deliberate Practice, the Pomodoro Technique, Modes of Awareness, Immersion Reading, and the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve.

That subtle strain we feel as our minds stretch…

Apple has a master plan.

Apple doesn’t communicate features, they mention benefits for the straightforward reason that this makes people feel something. You would possibly remember once they launched the primary iPod, I would not say it had been anything groundbreaking. If all they had done was to only say — Look we have got a replacement mp3 player. It’s got five gigabytes of storage.

The iPod kept on a white tabletop.
The iPod kept on a white tabletop.

I don’t think anyone would have cared.

But the angle Apple took was — This product will offer you a thousand songs in your pocket.

Think about that line and once you believe it you’re probably not thinking any more dull boxes and storage capacities. …

Its always better to know beforehand

I recently found out that one of my seniors from high school had become a designer, and I couldn’t miss this opportunity of asking one question from the never-ending list that I have.

I started at an agency, but I never knew what the right place for a newbie would be. So my senior helped me out with this; here is what he said.

If you’re new to UX design and aren’t sure whether you want to work for an agency or in-house, don’t worry.

Eight years ago, I was in the same situation. These are the pros and cons…

and how you can replicate these on any platform*

David Perell and Jack Butcher are 2 people you’ll find on almost everyone’s Twitter following.

David is a full-time writer who delivers excellent essays on business, writing, and learning. He’s a master at his game, having done it for over 7 years now.

Jack has touched 100k/month last year, with 99% profit margins. He has an interesting story. He was a designer looking for a passionate career where his creativity would be rewarded. He approached Eric Jorgenson, who was writing the Navalmanack — a book on Naval Ravikant.

He applied his designing skills in the book, which was an instant…

An easy step-by-step guide to setting up your course without a domain or landing page.

Maybe you’ve got some information that you’ve been teaching on for years.

Or you have a skill, business, or a job that has taught you a whole bunch of knowledge and information, and you want to share that with the world, and you want to take that and begin to monetize.

The biggest challenge most people run into when they decide that they want to create an make an online course is the technology.

It is tough to figure out how to get started from shooting the videos and putting everything together with all the different options available in the…

I was an engineer by degree before I got into design

This is an old conversation I had noted when my senior product designer asked me if we would be a good fit.

So, these are ten qualities he thought I should’ve had to become a UX designer.

I thought it’d be a fun idea to talk about the qualities that UX designers hold, so here’s a list of 10 qualities that UX designers have.

#1 Being able to educate your stakeholders and clients.

We need to remember that stakeholders and clients are not us designers, and they do not live and breathe the same principles we do. They don’t understand why we make the decisions that we make. …

A guide to utilizing DMs effectively

Connections are as important as the content.

As creators, we forget that social media platforms are meant to socialize.

They are meant to form connections and network with people irrespective of your location. Earlier, we were at a place where we made friends based on proximity, and social media has given us a method to do that exact thing, finding friends based on similar interests.

As a budding creator who has just started out or is waiting to “blow up,” yeah, alright, every creator is waiting to blow up.

We need to network, build connections, and foster relationships apart from…

Beautiful screens are fine; personal stories hit different

Most of us are always looking to learn new things, get new ideas, get better at our thinking process, and design things that inspire us. There isn’t a day that I don’t open Dribbble or Behance and find beautiful designs that aren’t less than “artwork.”

But recently, I was feeling low. I understood that it was too much of design porn, or call it inspiration porn. I could emphasize with the users I was targeting but wasn’t able to grow personally.

Then I came across real stories. Stories of amazing designers who made it big.

Here are 5 of them…

7 knowledgeable resources on how to get started; including a women-only newsletter

The X factor for big, robust, and beloved creator brands is all about community.

It can be defined as a group of people who believe what you believe and seek ways to connect outside your comments section.

Today, communities are thriving.

If you’re willing to start out on building one, here are 7 (unaffiliated) resources that will surely help you.

1. Building Community that Creates Exponential Impact

There comes a time in your life when you might be wondering about your direction. This leads us to something Nadav taught us a few years ago in a Ted Ex presentation.

“Prizes create exponential impact; therefore, your chances of…


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