My Ex Wrote My Tinder Bio. I’ve Been on 5 Dates in a Week Since Then.

So, you’ve downloaded tinder. Your friends may be getting a whole bunch of dates, especially if these are female friends. But for some reason, you can’t even seem to get a single match. Even doing the running man, which is swiping right on every woman that pops up, doesn’t result in any suitable matches for you. So, what are you doing wrong?

Let’s break down what makes an attractive Tinder profile and turn people off when they’re swiping. You don’t get very much time on Tinder to make a good first impression, so the smallest no-no can leave your inbox high and dry.

Not more than one group photograph

If you have too many group photos, go ahead and take them down. It’s great that you have many friends and a group photo that shows that you like to have a good time outside of your room. But if your first photo is a group of 10 guys, girls are more likely to swipe left.

After all, they’re going off looks alone, and they don’t know which one exactly you look like. You can leave a group photo for later in your collection so that girls can establish precisely what you look like even if you run with a really handsome crew. Or even better, you stand out as the handsome one among a rather rough-looking team.

Girls can see through those tricks. Your first photo should be a single photo that establishes who you are and what you look like.

Number two is if you have a shirtless photo without your face, you need to take it down. Girls want to see what you look like, not just what your stomach and chest would look like.

A shirtless photo without your face sends a message that you only really care what the girl looks like shirtless or that you have something to hide. According to one study, a shirtless photo with your face has seen a small improvement in matches. But remember what kind of girls you’re going to attract with this method.

Use multiple photos to show off your interests.

Not all of your images have to be a clear photo of your smiling face and alone. If you have a handful of pictures to show off your personality, definitely use them.

Did you go hiking in New Zealand? Did you go scuba diving in Aruba? Did you go bouldering at your local gym? Find a collection of photos of you out and about living life and pursuing your real interests.

If a girl sees a collection of pictures of you taking selfies in a bathroom, they probably won’t have any idea what you like to do in your spare time.

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

The Doggo Trick

The next tip, as cheesy as it is trying to use a dog photo. So, what’s the real secret to getting matches?

Your dog is your best wingman. Add a picture of you and your dog into the mix, and there’s not really any science behind it. But you’ll get a hell of a lot more matches if you include a puppy in your tinder photos.

Just trust me on this one, and if you don’t have a dog, you can use your parents, your brothers, your sisters, your friends, even your neighbor’s dog will do. Just find a dog on an excellent tinder photo.

The Bio — Take help from your sister/ friend

Also, something that’s really important is a bio. If you don’t have a biography, you’re less likely to get a match.

So, tinder is a pretty shallow app already. But not all users rely solely on a photo or two. To swipe if a girl is already interested, they’ll most likely click to read your bio. If you don’t have a bio, well, that’s not interesting.

Is it?

I’m not asking you to write the Great American Novel with your tinder bio. But including a little information about yourself, your interest, what you like to do, even your favorite television shows could spike someone’s interest.
In fact, your bio might even be more important than your actual photos depending on what that person is swiping for.

So, try to make it count and try to be smart but not over-the-top. It’ll also make the conversation more comfortable when you match if you ask a witty question or have your interests listed in your bio; girls will have more information handy. They can send you a message, and trust me, they send messages for the right bios.

So what did I do?

To increase matches significantly, I’m going to make a bio that makes people feel comfortable and willing to swipe right. Number one is to stay positive. Sure, tinder can get really frustrating.

You might run into girls who have ridiculous expectations or matches that never turn in the dates. But everyone experiences hit and misses on tinder. Just don’t vent your frustration on your tinder bio.

Writing something like don’t match with me without saying hi or swipe left if you have a Snapchat filter in your pictures. It just sounds aggressive and sometimes even rude.

Even if you told these rules to apply to the girls looking at your profile, they might still swipe left only because of how you come off.
No one wants the first impression to start with complaints and negativity.

Be honest, but not too direct.

This doesn’t mean that you should be dishonest about what you’re looking for. If you’re in town for a few days or not looking for anything serious, it’s completely ok to mention that.

Not all people on tinder are looking for their next spouse, and you probably already knew that, but not all people are looking for a one-night stand.

Have you ever heard the expression never speaks about politics, religion, or your exes on a first date? This rule also applies to your tinder bio. No one wants to know that you’re just trying to get over an ex that you just got out of a relationship a month ago.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Stay a mystery; keep things unsaid.

No one needs your life story in your bio. Tinder is all about making quick judgments, like it or not. And a lot of people on tinder don’t take it too seriously. If they see eight paragraphs in your bio, their attention span might get the best of them, and they’ll probably swipe left. It doesn’t take more than a sentence or two to properly establish your favorite television show or what your deal is on tinder.

If you want to write a life story, then join a dating site on a desktop.

Overall if you want my best advice, it’s to hand your tinder over to your friends. Now, this might sound like bad advice, but it can help you get a third-party perspective on your tinder profile.

Your friends know more about the type of tinder matches you want to attract and what pictures or pieces of your bio you need to add for optimal matches.
If your friends think that your bio sounds a little bit dorky, most likely, the tinder people will feel the same way.

Creating a profile with your friend will also help you feel less serious about it. It’ll be easier to come up with something clever and attractive. So remember to have fun with tinder. It’s not the only way to get a date.

If you’re open to new experiences and relax, most likely, eventually, you’ll find a match who has the same mindset.

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